Cyndi Lord, Author


To dream, to write, to share with others the gifts the Lord has provided. 

As a Private Investigator and Research Paralegal for almost three decades, Cyndi Lord has experienced the best and worst life has to offer. She has a masters degree in criminal justice along with an undergrad degree in Paralegal Studies. Pounding the pavement, chasing the bad guys and assisting justice in playing her hand became a way of life for twenty- five years. In 2005, she folded up the business and moved to the prairie lands of North East Texas to begin working independently from her home office.

Enjoying a writing career since the mid-eighties, Cyndi is currently using her past experience to produce articles and novels filled with suspense and intrigue. As a graduate of Longridge Writing Academy, she’s learned the tools of the trade.

In 2013 she was honored to become a prize winning author for her short story about racism and conflicts in Watts during the riots.

Her love of the Lord and the Amish community took her away from her brand of Murder Mysteries into a delightful story that follows a sixteen year old girl, Kristi Becker, as she leaves her modern life and heads to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Culture shock is the initial response as Kristi learns to live without electricity. Will she find the love and acceptance she craves among the family who know she’s an outsider?

A PLAIN WISH will be available in early Spring of 2014. This is book one of the Plain trilogy. Follow Kristi through her wish, an adventure, and finally, which world she’ll choose in the name of love.

10 responses to “Cyndi Lord, Author

  1. Congrats! An informative snap-shot of your off-the-beaten- path life.

  2. Congrats, Cyndi! I look forward to so much more from you!

  3. Lira Brannon

    What a adventurous spirit you have and it shows up in the characters of your stories. Your perseverance against adversity has paid off. Congratulations.

  4. Great start, Cyndi! Look forward to your book and much more from you!

  5. Wow, how interesting your life has been! Keep it going!

  6. Ruthie'z Oddz & Endz

    Cyndi, I’m so excited and can’t wait til spring! This book is perfect for a good friend of mine.

  7. Paul Paris

    Congrats little sister! Loved reading your bio!

  8. Andy Scontras

    The bio is great but you need to add: AND… a very nice person

  9. Tracy

    Congrats Cyndi. You are so deserving. God bless you and your endeavors.

  10. Congratulations!! Such experience for your stories! It’s no wonder your writing is full of sidewinding and adventure. Open those wings and soar. Best to you!

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