A Plain Wish – The back story (1)

Kristi Becker’s life in Indianapolis kept her busy. At fifteen, her huge birthday party with twelve friends, mostly the cheer leading squad, delighted her. Her dad and mom stayed out of the family room when the slumber party started. Her Amish friend, Betty, came to her mind when the girls told scary stories under a tent made of blankets propped up on the backs of the dining room chairs. Not liking frightful stories, she changed the subject.

“I got a letter and a pretty handmade card from my friend Betty in Pennsylvania.”

“That Amish girl you’re always writing to forever?” Melody asked, looking upwards.

“Yeah, you’re just jealous. Want to see the card?”

“Okay.”  The others nodded.

They passed the lovely card around, commenting on the ink work of flowers and butterflies.

“How’d you meet someone all the way in Lancaster?” Amanda Scott handed the card to the next girl.

“When I was six, in second grade, my teacher visited Amish land and stayed at a bread and breakfast place. She -”

“Bed and Breakfast,” Melody interrupted, rolling her eyes.

“Whatever. She met the school teacher, and they thought it’d be a good idea for the students to get to know each other. So we all got the name and address of someone to be a pen pal with. Cool beans, huh?”

Several of the girls nodded and smiled. Melody said, “What good is it to write someone you’ll never meet?”

“Oh, no. I’ll meet her someday. I guess you could call it a plain wish.


In the other room, where she could not hear them, her parents discussed the best time to tell Kristi they’d decided to get a divorce. Her father already bought a house in Batesville,Indiana and only stayed the last two weeks to not spoil her birthday.

Kristi’s life approached a crossroad she could never have anticipated. After midnight, as her friends fell asleep one at a time, she thought her life would always be the same. She thought wrong.

The catalyst for decisions her young heart couldn’t comprehend launched and changed her life forever.

A PLAIN WISH will be available from Dancing With Bears Publishing Company in early Spring of 2014. This is book one of the Plain trilogy. Follow Kristi through her wish, an adventure, and finally, which world she’ll choose in the name of love.

4 responses to “A Plain Wish – The back story (1)

  1. DaVeena LaRoque

    I’m so excited about this and so very happy for you. Looking forward to book 2 already. = )

  2. A lovely story about a young girl coming of age and making the most important decision of her life.

  3. Tracy Scott

    OOH! When DaVeena told me that you’d written an amish book I was so excited! I love reading Amish-based literature!

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